About Us

The owner of “My Pawfect Bear” has had years of experience in the entertainment industry.  She started out in 1992, working for a special event company in NJ.  Manning bounce houses and hosting birthday parties dressed in costumes (from a purple dino to the red power hero to the sleeping princess) gave her a lot of insight into what makes a great party.
Shortly after this she started delivering rides to special events and then actually running the events.
After learning all about the event business from the ground up, she moved into management, ending up as the GM of that special event company.  She handled it all, sales, booking jobs, buying equipment, employee training, safety certifications and more.
Of course, all the time she was looking for equipment that was “more fun”, “more interesting” and “more profitable”.
In 2002 she walked into the IAAPA Attractions Expo and saw a concept that she thought would be perfect for the amusement rental market, EXCEPT that the equipment just wasn’t portable enough.  Fragile, difficult to move machinery and complicated operations just don’t do well in the portable industry.
The original bear stuffing machines were a great idea, but would only work in a fixed location.  Although the loud air compressors were a problem at that time, for any type of venue.
After much research and engineering, she was proud to showcase the birth of the first “My Pawfect Bear Teddy Bear Stuffing Machine”….The GingerBear House!
More portable versions followed with the ever popular “Bear In A Box” style machines being a favorite everywhere!

The 2002 insurance crisis due to mis-use of interactive games also gave birth the realization that the industry needed low liability yet…FUN interactive attractions and the creation of MLSC Games Interactive.
My Pawfect Bear has grown into a 1 stop shop!   Bear skins, accessories, retail set ups, customized stuffing machines and more can all be found on our website.   Over the years we’ve expanded beyond the portable market into fixed locations all over the world!

And we don't just sell equipment and then forget our customer.  Watch our blog to learn new ways to make money with your bear stuffing machine and proven marketing techniques that work!

We’re not finished yet!   Keep watching the website for new and exciting money making designs, perfect for all types of markets!